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Maa Al Thahab

Maa Althahab

A unique journey to experiencing the art of personal fragrance

Maa-Althahab Company is member of the Al Masmoum Group, a family owned business specialized in perfumes, deodorants, hair care products, cosmetics, makeup and accessories.
The youngest brother, Mr Abdul Hadi Masmoum, who is the company’s chairman, started in 2006 to develop a new concept of perfume stores to create a unique journey into experiencing the art of purchasing personalized fragrance. For the last 10 years, our main goal has remained to develop a strong franchise system around the world by maintaining the high standards of professional performance and service excellence needed in the perfume industry. Until today, we have managed to open more than 140 shops.
Therefore, Maa-Althahab is one of the fastest growing perfumery chains in the Middle East and Africa. In 2015, the Company was welcomed to Europe opening several shops in Turkey and decided to move the head office to Istanbul, with plans to expand to other European countries.

Lelas Perfumes


Tap your scent

– Our brand’s Name introduces the word “LELAS” as mentioned in Turkish, derived from the word “LILAC” which means: Lilac Flower, in its Greek origins, Symbolism of color, and Natural association we found a perfect reflection of our core values and vision.
– Around the name LELAS, we built a young and proud character, full of love and innocence, However. our character is not a weak one, for even in the hardest of times Lilacs are the first to blossom foretelling a spring that is yet to come.
– From our headquarters in Istanbul, a city full of heritage, culture, contradictions… And harmony! We launched our brand in 2014 with the ultimate goal to re-invent the Turkish perfumes industry and to introduce LELAS as a worldwide leading brand.