Al Waha Mall & Offices

Glace Ice Cream

Glace ice Cream

Roll it your way

Ice creme rolls

We utilized only the best fresh ingredients to create classic flavor combinations as well as unique taste, you might never have thought possible. All our Ice cream rolls are crafted in small batches to insure great flavor and texture in every bite

Wok N fire

Work N Fire

A taste from Asia

We use only the highest quality ingredients. We know only the best will keep our guests happy and satisfied

Take Hot

Take Hot



Delicious meals of grilled meat and chicken and mix with a special Sudanese mixture.

Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza

Hot and Fresh

Pizza , Fried Chicken and Snacks

Visit   Pizza Pizza restaurant at al Waha mall for fresh pizza, fried chicken, salads and desserts, or pick up your favorites and go home a hero.

My Place

My Place

Delicious Ice-cream


Our Ice Cream is made with different flavors and a distinctive way, visit one of our branches in Khartoum and enjoyed the refreshing taste.

Juicy juice

Juicy Juice

Fresh & Fresh

Juicy Juice is made from a commitment to happiness! With flavors that you can’t get enough of the sweet taste of our juices brings smiles with every sip.

Italy Pizza Center

Italy Pizza Center

A taste that takes you there

Pizza and fried chicken sandwhiches

The menu offers fresh ingredients, exciting twists, lighter options, and service that always comes with a side of Italy Pizza signature smile, pizza, Satisfying cravings any time of day, this is an experience that promises to be an absolute taste sensation.